Applying for the Events

Expectations, Considerations and Applying Online

Who can apply?

  • Participation is limited to: EMS providers from all New York State Counties, as well as employees of NYSDOH Bureau of EMS.
  • All applicants must be currently certified as a NYS Certified First Responder/Emergency Medical Responder or higher prior to the event, and certification must not expire before July 31 of this year. All EMS certifications will be verified with NYSDOH.
  • Applicants are applying for volunteer positions at specific Hall of Fame events on specific dates. Applicants are not applying for membership in Cooperstown FD or Cooperstown EMS.

What should I expect?

  • Accountability - with the scale of this year's events, we must insist on knowing your whereabouts at all times while you are on duty.
    • Staff will be required to
      • sign in at the beginning of their shift,
      • remain at their assigned task during that shift,
      • sign out at the end of their shift.
    • No freelancing will be allowed - Staff will have to work within the ICS system to accomplish tasks. Staff who identify needs outside of their assigned area should relay them to command. (If the driver of an ambulance takes the keys and goes to help look for a lost child, who can drive the ambulance?)
    • No partial shifts - we understand that we're asking for your complete attention during this event - we also understand that you have a life outside of EMS. If you're not able to promise us your services for a complete shift, we understand, and ask that you not sign up. Maybe you can offer us more of your time next year - we hope you can.
  • Work assignments vary, and may include:
    • foot patrol - working with a partner, moving through large crowds, monitoring the people around you for illness, treating and evacuating those you find or are called to by stretcher, stairchair or ATV.
    • treatment station - working as part of a team to deliver care to patients who present at a treatment tent or are transported to that location by foot patrols or ATV units.
    • bicycle patrol - using mountain bikes to maneuver through crowds, moving with crowds and covering larger areas. These crews require special training and selection - those selecting this interest area on the application will be contacted via email and may receive additional training.
    • VIP and stage crews - providers with previous event experience, working in selected areas that require additional skills or training, providing care and support to special guests of the hall of fame.
    • transportation - staff who operate motor vehicles as part of their job description. These staff members will be trained and validated to operate specific apparatus from their home department. Vehicles may include ambulances, ATVs or SUVs.
  • Assignments are given by command staff, and are based on past experience, training and personal strengths. While we appreciate your thoughts on your assignment of choice, final assignments are at the discretion of the command staff.
  • Time out of the sun - crews working in contact with visitors will be periodically rotated to the crew-only areas to allow for rehab and rest.
  • Fun is what we do. While this is a serious event that takes many hours of planning, and many people to bring to fruition, our primary goal is to enjoy what we are doing.
  • Lunch will be provided by the Hall of Fame to all volunteer EMS staff.
  • Uniforms - required uniform shirt in a unique color, (to be announced), will be provided by the Hall of Fame and will be yours to keep after the event.

What do you expect of me?

  • Appearance - professionalism and safety is the order of the day!
    • Shorts or pants - either are fine - dress for the weather and your personal comfort.
      • shorts must be of an acceptable length.
      • good condition (if they are one step away from being your new painting pants, they aren't the ones to wear here)
    • Footwear - closed toed shoes or boots are acceptable. Open toes, sandals or shoes with heels are not acceptable for this event. Most jobs at these events require significant walking - transportation will not be available for all staff.
  • Good attitude - you are representing the EMS community of Otsego County. Please bring your smile, and leave any 'baggage' at home.
    • We can't please everybody all of the time, but we'll give it a shot - the Command Staff will maintain an open door policy throughout the event. If you have a concern, issue or question, please bring it to the attention of your supervisor or the Incident Commander as soon as possible.
  • Attentiveness - we want you at your best - get a good night's sleep the night before the event, and be ready. For what?
    • Anything.
    • Past EMS event staff have
      • Met Hall of Famers
      • Found lost kids
      • Taken really cool pictures
      • Worked with presidential security details
      • Treated significant, life threatening injuries
      • Spotted themselves on ESPN

Still think this sounds like fun? Good - we do too!

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