Preparing for the Events

Induction events vary from year to year, but there are always a few constants. Being personally ready for the event will make your assignment more enjoyable.  

  • Are you healthy? Recent surgery, illness or injury will make it very difficult for you to work safely in this environment.  Staff are frequently away from restroom facilities for extended periods of time, working in direct sun, and walking moderately long distances.  Please consider these requirements when deciding whether to volunteer - we will be seeing a very busy season this year, and don't want to add you to our patient list. 
  • Can you devote the full time of your shift to us? In the past, traffic has allowed for us to offer flexible shifts, swapping staff in and out of different areas as needed. This year, with increased traffic and visitor numbers, this will not be possible. Staff should plan to stay throughout their scheduled shift, without returning to their vehicles or leaving and returning. Emergencies happen, and if you should need to leave unexpectedly, the command staff will arrange for you to be returned to your vehicle as soon as possible.

What to Bring...

Being comfortable while looking professional are both important parts of having a good time at this event.  Our staff's job is to provide great medical care, while blending in with the crowd.

  •  What do I wear? 
    • Comfortable shoes are the most important item to bring with you. While we will make every effort to transport you and your gear when necessary, you should plan on walking almost everywhere you need to go.
    • The Hall of Fame will provide you with a uniform shirt to wear at the event.  The shirt is a mandatory uniform, as it identifies you as part of our team to members of other special teams working at the event. The shirt will be yours to keep at the end of the event.
    • If you've worked with us before, please bring your shirt if possible.   
    • Dress for the weather - Cooperstown in July can bring almost any weather, and you should be prepared for it. If rain threatens, bring along appropriate rain gear, as the event will be held rain or shine.  
    • Shorts are fine - the weather tends to be quite warm.
    • Shoes should be closed-toed for your safety. You will be working around ambulances, fire vehicles and all-terrain vehicles. Sandals and shoes that limit your ability to walk long distances and on uneven terrain are not appropriate.
  • Sun protection is very important! 
    • Sunscreen is a personal item - make sure to bring your favorite kind with you!
    • Simple hats are part of the uniform. Bring one that is comfortable and provides you with good sun protection.
    • Sunglasses can make a bright day much more comfortable - don't forget these!
  • Cameras are okay to bring - just remember that we are supposed to blend in. If you are a baseball fan, or want a few snapshots to remember your day, bring your small camera along. You will have limited space to carry personal items in your issued fanny pack - the smaller the better.
  • Don't forget your Smile!  As EMS providers we have the most direct contact with visitors to Cooperstown. How we act when on duty and how we greet the public reflects directly on the Hall of Fame and it's programs. The Hall of Fame regularly receives positive feedback regarding the EMS staff. You are the face of the Hall of Fame in the crowd of thousands!

What to Leave at Home...

There are some things that just don't work at the event.  Some are obvious, some may not be.

  • Kids - we need you to be flexible throughout your shift. We define flexible as being able to go where needed, when needed - unfortunately, kids will make that impossible.
  • Pets - see above. K-9 units from multiple agencies will be working this event, as well as the presence of large crowds. Fido may be cute and cuddly, but he can't come to the event.
  • Autograph Books - as noted above, our primary job is to blend into the crowd, not get featured on ESPN. Occasionally, Hall of Famers will offer autographs to our staff, and that's okay, but staff are not permitted to use their access to secure areas to gather souvenirs. 
  • Backpacks, purses, and handbags will slow you down throughout the day. Crews who need to carry gear in the field will be provided with appropriate bags - field crews typically carry compact fanny packs, other specialty teams have specific gear to match their task.  Items left at the fire station are left at your own risk - staffing at the station will vary and we will not be responsible for your personal items.

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